Other Interesting 3d Printing Projects


If you have any other kind of 3d printing challenge we would be more than happy to throw our talented team at it, no matter how difficult.


Our talented Team of Engineers and Specialists are always up for a challenge.  We like to take on your inspiration and work with you to make it a reality.  3d printing techniques can help to make your inspiration a reality in many ways.  We can develop initial prototypes for design confirmation and functional prototypes for early product testing either within your organisation or with your “early adopter” customers.  In many circumstances we can even manufacture end use products in very low volumes and at a very reasonable cost.  Our team regularly take on challenges, we like to turn dreams into reality, it’s one of the great things about being Engineers.....we think we can do it.


Contact us to discuss your inspiration and how the darby3d team can help it become a reality.

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