3d Printed Models

Trying to convince a customer, the Board, the Management Team or an investor of the value of your product can be a really difficult task.  A business case is essential, some charts and statisitics are very handy, a drawing of your product is great……….but a 3d printed, 3 dimensional scaled model of your part, that they can hold in their hand and look at from all directions; now that is very, very powerful.  Everyone around the table will want to hold it while they are talking about it and discussing your fabulous product.


Now all you need is to get yourself a 3d printed model.  This is where the team at darby3d can help.   We can help by advising;


  • Most appropriate 3d printing material

  • Most effective 3d printing method

  • Shortest possible turnaround time from model approval to having it in your hand.


Contact us for a no obligation discussion on turning your product into a 3d printed scaled physical model.


Have a look at some of the 3d printed scaled production model work that our customers have used to help sell their idea.

3d printed scaled model Image for darby3d