3d Printed Fixtures

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Fixtures to improve your business


A fixture is a device designed to hold, support and/or locate a component for a processing operation of some kind to be conducted.  It is usually designed to serve a specific purpose and to fit a specific component.


Is there any difference between a fixture and a jig?  Read more


Fixtures are in use in most manufacturing operations however, their use is usually limited due to the high costs and long lead times usually associated with their manufacture.  3d printing can rapidly reduce costs of manufacture, dramatically improve lead times and can introduce dramatically different shapes that minimise assembly and materials and therefore help to reduce costs further still.

Fixtures are designed to improve safety and quality, to decrease time and to reduce costs.



With both cost and lead time dramatically reduced, a new world of opportunity is revealed, a world in which a much larger number of fixtures can be produced for a given dollar amount, thus allowing a much larger positive impact on safety, quality, lead time and cost for your business.


Effective fixture design can

  • Improve efficiency of assembly or processing

  • Reduce time required to complete a processing operation

  • Improve process control and/or process repeatability

  • Error proof (Poka Yoke) a process operation to eliminate scrap and rework


3d printing of your ideal fixture reduces the time and cost elements of your business case, making the justification of the fixture much easier to prove on a Return on Investment (ROI) basis.   Try justifying your new fixture with our Return on Investment Calculator.

Is 3d Printing Appropriate for all Fixtures?


No, 3d printing is fantastic, but it is not the solution to all of our industrial problems (yet!).  3d printing a fixture is not adequate where;


  • Dimensional tolerancing is very precise Read more

  • Physical forces on the component are high Read more

A World of Opportunity with 3d Printing


To leverage the benefits of the 3d printing technology we can now let the function and performance of the fixture dictate the form and configuration of the fixture.


Added complexity can reduce cost

Where the abovementioned constraints do not apply there is a world of opportunity that opens up with a 3d printed fixture.  The limitation of traditional fabrication methods simply do not apply in 3d printing.  3d printed fixtures can... Read more


Design for 3d printing can reduce parts count

Traditionally, fixtures can be composed of many pieces, so one very simple way to leverage the freedom of design that 3d printing allows is to consolidate assemblies into a single part.  Read more


Management of fixtures will be easier

If you no longer consider your fixtures and other manufacturing tools as assets and instead, think of them as expenses, and disposable, then the management of your fixtures becomes a whole lot easier. How so?  As assets, fixtures are stored... Read more


The team here at darby3d would be happy to answer any further questions you might have about how 3d printed fixtures can save your business time and money.