CMM Fixtures


You want to secure a part on your Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) so you need a unique fixture and you need it fast.  Oh..... and you don’t want to remortgage your business for it....


darby3d is a specialist in production of fixtures for Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and other measuring machines.  darby3d can manufacture fixtures to support your product while it is being measured on your Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).  Using 3d printing technology we can manufacture solid, functional supports to secure your product exactly as you require, and we can do it significantly cheaper and faster than using traditional materials and machining methods.  3d printed fixtures can be manufactured to exacting tolerances and often in one operation, making the fixture much faster to produce.  You will be surprised!


Contact us to discuss your CMM fixturing needs and receive a rapid quote.   

Fixture image for darby3d site

Part locating fixture being used in a Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM).